There were some pretty bad jobs at the concentration camps some of the jobs even made some of the prisoners commit suicide by hanging them selves so that they didn’t have to do the jobs. They also had almost no order for who they choose who was going to the death camp and who was going to a concentration camp.
One of the jobs at most concentration camps was playing music for people going to die. They didn’t care if you were good or bad because they were playing for people going to die. Another job that the prisoners did was just moving a boulder from one side of the camp to the the other. The nazis would make them do this when they didn’t have any other jobs for them to do. One of the other jobs at Buchenwald was the prisoners would work at a nearby factory for no wages. The last job was that they would work at administration buildings if they were secretary before they went to the concentration camp.  
    The way they choose who was going to a death camp and who was going to a concentration camp was almost completely random. children under fourteen, men over fifty, and women over forty-five would go straight to the death camp because they were to weak to work. Then they would choose people who were pregnant and people who were sick. The people that were not so pregnant would hide it and have secretly. The babies didn’t live very long because they would die of starvation because they didn’t have enough food to feed the baby. They would also die from the cold, they would freeze to death or die of pneumonia. Any person with a special talent like an electricians and doctors would have a better chance of living. They had a better of living because they needed all the doctors and electrons they could get because they went of to war.
As you can see concentration camps were a horrible place to be. They had pointless jobs and kids would almost always separated from there mom and dad. They kids would also go to die no no reason. I think that the holocaust was the worst time in our worlds history.
Matt N.